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Licenciamento - Anametrix, an Ensighten company

Parceiro Anametrix Ensighten

Anametrix, an Ensighten company

A Anametrix by Ensighten é uma parceria exclusiva da AUNICA para o mercado brasileiro.
(Texto original em inglês, pois somos bons em soluções e serviços, e não em tradução).

Why Anametrix? Analytics for marketers, designed by marketers. You want to make better use of data to improve all forms of consumer interactions, from campaign performance and social engagement to web site content and ad planning. It’s the key to determining whether your marketing decisions lead to success. But your data is trapped in dozens of systems, databases, spreadsheets and applications – both inside and outside your organization. Sound familiar?

Unify Your Data

Anametrix enables marketers like you to bring together and make sense of all your data, so you can focus your time on the analysis that will drive marketing performance. Sound interesting? Then read on.

Turn Data into Insights

Our cloud-based analytics platform gives you a unified view of your paid-, owned- and earned-media effectiveness to assess marketing effectiveness. Our next-generation, advanced analytics platform also allows you to perform diagnostic analysis, drill-down segmentation and predictive modeling. The results are improved campaign performance, lower acquisition costs, increased ad monetization, higher loyalty and better customer lifetime value.












With Anametrix, you can:

  • Define common success metrics across all marketing channels.
  • Consolidate multichannel data collection, analytics, prediction and reporting.
  • Optimize cross-channel investments for the best possible marketing mix.
  • Identify consumer patterns, correlations and trends to enable agile, right-time marketing.

Combine and Correlate

Anametrix users can combine and correlate information across a myriad of enterprise data sources and leverage the power of real-time data collection. The output is right-time results returned completely in context with accuracy and relevancy across all access layers and delivery methods. 


Drive Revenue and Profitability

By collecting, analyzing and making sense out of data from virtually any source, Anametrix delivers not just another set of dashboards, but a real decision-support solution. Now you can actually drive revenues and profitability by targeting the right consumers, at the right time, across the best combination of channels needed to optimize marketing investments. That’s the kind of analytics all marketers really can use.

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