Digital Transformation is already a reality

Digital transformation article written by our Innovation Director, Manuel Materon, for the Meio & Mensagem.

Where is humanity heading and what are the impacts that technology will leave in our lives?

I came to Salt Lake City to experience Domopalloza, an event that brings together marketers from around the world to discuss what lies ahead for Era 6.0. To recycle me and get news for the Brazilian market. In three days, I met people from different parts of the world and I realize that they all have something in common and want a more humane, more just world.

In times of artificial intelligence (AI), I wonder where humanity is heading and what are the impacts that technology will leave in our lives. Seeing the growth of professionals engaged in the humanization of things gives me hope for better days. How can data help a football team? Or a record label or even the supermarket? Have you ever imagined you can integrate your stock and reduce food waste? Technology today allows almost everything. Everything is liable to be connected and it is possible to connect all your data on a platform that unifies, crosses, disseminates and visualizes your company’s data with your business plan. Whatever it is. From the grocer-store to a banks.

The Utah Jazz basketball team uses a data tool to track stadium capacity in real time, ranging from occupation to revenue generated. I keep imagining the Flamengo team doing the same thing at Maracanã. Tools like this allow us to monitor and decrease corruption. Have you ever imagined the Government Palace integrating data and making it available in real time for society to follow? This type of platform has been one of the main points for digital transformation to happen at this speed.

One of the great topics of the digital transformation is the infrastructure in the cloud, because in this way, all the data collected can talk to each other regardless of where they come from, thus bringing a lot of agility and speed in querying the data. Having data from sales, marketing, HR, logistics, ticket sales, to have a single view of the data in a single cloud, greatly speeds up the decision-making process in corporations.

Tasks that were performed by technical specialists such as creating data lakes and data extraction processes from source systems (ETL) are done in a simple way without the need for technical knowledge in the company. With all the data integrated and unified in one place, it is possible to program triggers for the system to make adjustments or trigger notices to those responsible automatically.

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