Domopalooza – Using the power of data to positively transform society

Special coverage about the Domo Domopalooza event written by our Director of Innovation, Manuel Materon, for Meio & Mensagem.

Domopalooza brought together more than 3,000 analysts, executives and CEOs from around the world to discuss the day-to-day of digital transformation.

Domopalooza, an event that brought together more than 3,000 analysts, executives and CEOs from around the world to discuss the day-to-day of digital transformation and the possibilities, was held in Salt Lake City, United States, from the 19th to the 22nd. for the changes to happen. During the event, it was announced the Exchange Domo for Good (D4G) Program, an online community capable of empowering customers for change purposes around the world. One of the issues debated was: how to apply data and experience to help nonprofits build better communities, improve life, and support a healthier planet?

Domo launches the program with strategic partnerships with Save the Children, the Better Life Foundation and the Environmental Defense Fund during Domopalooza 2019. The D4G is a new social program designed to leverage the non-profit, cooperative Domo platform bringing power to solve the most pressing problems of society. Domo for Good Exchange, which is the best way to improve the impact of their organizations, was conceptualized after a dinner with customers, where Mark Brand, a leader and social impact entrepreneur, talked about how to improve their ability to help people. Over dinner, customers said there was a way to help. A lamp went out and Domo for Good was created. “The power of purpose is one of the most significant catalysts for change,” said Josh James, founder and CEO of Domo.

Domo for Good Exchange is available to customers through, where they can search for volunteer projects. The project was launched with several non-profit organizations. Other institutions that wish to participate in Exchange can enter their design needs through the site. Domo offers special prices for nonprofits in the program.

Andrea Henderson, senior technical consultant at Domo, was one of the first experts to participate in the Domo for Good program:

“As a technical consultant, I have the opportunity to work with many interesting companies. But having the privilege of using some of my time and working with nonprofits? This brings depth and richness to my career that is difficult to express in words. That’s what’s about to happen and it’s a way to help people impact real-world change, “explains Andrea.

Among the Domo for Good strategic partnerships Domo highlighted at the launch, is Save the Children, which has reached over one billion children worldwide. As its first project, Domo is working with Save the Children’s global sponsorship program and will enable the institution to receive essential information and global communication metrics worldwide in real-time. As an example, the Domo will give the global sponsorship team daily updates on the subject of assistance and training for the immediate needs. “As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we believe that by taking a more rapid view of the populations we serve, we will be more efficient in how we allocate limited resources to positively impact more children than ever before,” said Carolyn Miles, CEO of Save the Children .

At the Better Life Foundation, entrepreneur Mark Brand wants a deeper social impact and is conducting advocacy programs to help homeless people and re-integrate into society.

* Image credit at the top: Markus Spiske / Pexels

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