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Some of the most important professionals and companies of the Brazilian digital marketing participated actively with aunica in the building of the media, marketing, and digital publicity national market, challenging and bringing innovations and results' optimization, with lower costs, where we could always deliver effective results with solutions and innovative technologies.

Since 2004 we started with the development of interactive publicity, video ads, and rich media. From then, we delivered Behavioral Targeting projects, TV + internet studies with the Ibope, Engagement score, attribution models, universal Datahub, dashboards, visualizers and the most recent artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other pioneer and relevant projects, always with inspiration and the client business vision, allied to methodologies adapted to the national market.

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2018 Black Friday - Sony Case

Strategy based on audience segmentation, ads aligned with the preferences and the consumer moment in the sales funnel and videos disclosure with influencers participation.

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Snow Season - Club Med Case

Along with HSTK strategy in digital media, involving performance, retargeting and audience segmentation in the consumers micro-moments in all the digital marketing channels.

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Sponsored Links - Azul Case

Campaign image: Illustration of TV and Portable audio Strategy based on micro-moments, crossing public profile and segmentation, with warming activities and also dates hard-sell and key moments.

Campaign Image: TV and speaker

2017 Black Friday - Sony Case

Strategy based on micro-moments, crossing public profile and segmentation, with warming activities and also dates hard-sell and key moments.

Campaign Image: Buildings near a lake

Lake Paradise - Club Med Case

Along with HTSK agency, to disclosure the new resort of the company, we developed a strategy that matches methodologies of segmentation, targeting, and audience.

Campaign Image: Google Analytics 360 Symbol

Google 360 Migration - R7 Case

Analytical platform migration to Google Analytics Premium, assuring the maintenance in the ranking and comScore tagging.

Campaign Image: Man using a credit card for online shopping

Digital Migration - Casas Bahia Case

Along with Energy/ Y&R was proposed an e-commerce transformation to increase the revenue. Beyond, the propose aimed to set the online media the most effective sales channel.

Imagem de Campanha: Cidade Conectada

Omnichannel Implementation - BRF Case

Implemented with the Omnichannel concept, multi-channel / 360 perspective, the challenge was generate rapid and efficient intelligence by integrating efforts and data from various sources: Promo, Trade, Off, Digital, Sac and Time BRF.

Imagem de Campanha: ferramentas conectadas

Digital Data - GVT + Vivo Case

In order to make faster decisions, the proposal was to develop a platform to integrate data from multiple online media channels cross-referenced with client.

Imagem de Campanha: Homem lendo as informações de um cartão de crédito e inserindo no computador

Management with Adobe Omniture - Chevrolet Case

With the challenge of increasing clicks and lowering CPC, aunica in partnership with AG2 Developed a Management Strategy with Adobe's Search Center Tool Omniture.

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