Data Driven Marketing:
creativity and data analysis on your favor

Start your digital transformation by getting together the best of data analysis and creativity.

Be able to take important decisions based on real data, and create growth hacking actions to increase your company's business and improve the user experience in your digital channels.

Boost your company's success by taking advantage of the best benefits Data Driven Marketing can provide.

Without the use of creativity the data loses its value and becomes just numbers, without content and out of context

Roberto Eckersdoff – CEO & Founder of aunica

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Consultoria em marketing digital e análise de dados.

aunica Interactive Marketing is ready to help your company gets the best of Data Driven Marketing and Growth Hacking.

With our digital marketing experts help you will be able to:

Find the perfect balance between data analysis and creativity.

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How does Data Driven Marketing help in Digital Transformation?

One of the main necessary steps for digital transformation is the strategically integration of technology and thus remain relevant in your market.

For marketing and digital marketing actions, the use of data becomes increasingly essential to meet consumers that are more demanding.

aunica Interactive Marketing, a digital marketing consultancy and Data Driven Marketing specialist, is ready to help you in this process so that you can:

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One of the pioneers on using technological innovations in digital marketing campaigns and data marketing in the Brazilian market, aunica Interactive Marketing is a reference in Data Driven Marketing in Brazil.

Our goal, on 15 years of tradition, is to help other companies transform themselves digitally and create value in interactions with consumers in a profitable way using strategy, data, Ux Design, SEO techniques, technology and creativity to achieve goals in the digital environment, win and retain customers focused on innovation and performance.

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