Data Analyses will revolutionize the Services Sector in the coming years

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The service sector is one of those with the greatest need to adapt to new consumer behaviors, affected by technological developments in recent years. The companies in the Area will need extra efforts to stay relevant in a more automated, regulated and digital world.

In addition to companies, professionals such as doctors, consultants and lawyers need to be aware of technologies for professional services to support increased demand by clients. But, how do you manage to stay one step ahead in such a changing environment?

Companies and professionals need to transform themselves digitally to be competitive and relevant in the coming years, and the use of platforms, such as Domo, is one of the first steps towards the future. The platform reorganizes all relevant business data in one place, helping to solve service delivery problems. Thus, it is possible to reduce costs, leverage pricing strategies and view business information in real time, with:

  • Monitoring of labor force rates;
  • Tracking personnel resources that missed working days due to medical conditions;
  • Boosting sales and prices analyses;
  • Unused costs and resources metrics;

With the use of Domo, gain real-time insights to see the main trends and not miss new business opportunities. Check below examples of its application in different areas:

  • Consulting

Using data is an excellent opportunity to better understand customers, businesses and competitors. Domo connects all data to facilitate understanding of the impact of laws, cost effectiveness and identification of opportunities in the short and long term, allowing decision makers to be focused on innovation.

  • Engineering and Construction

The data changes the way to approach and deal with each project. Thus, with Domo it is possible to have real-time insights to accelerate a project’s schedule and reduce costs, generating analysis of the constructive projection, eliminating human errors and obtaining greater margins.

  • Law Industry

For the Law industry, Domo helps to reduce the costs of time and money in the search for critical data, mapping hours worked, revenue per employee and forecasting the growth rate of clients, in each case.

  • Real State and Management

The analysis of data in the real estate sector allows to facilitate daily activities, optimizing processes and giving greater visibility regarding customers, allowing greater gains, definition of competitive prices and greater customer satisfaction, with:

  • Consumer Tickets Management
  • Comprehensive Customer Lifetime Sale Cycles
  • Inventory Analyses and Management
  • Mapping and Analyses of new opportunities

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