Digital Transformation: 5 tips to get started today

Digital Transformation is here to stay and it is the answer to business survival in the coming years. This process allows companies to integrate technology in a central strategic place to achieve better results. The concept encompasses a structural change in the corporate culture that needs to adapt to technological innovations and changes in consumer behavior. Check out the top Digital Transformation questions and answers and five tips to start your digital transformation today:

  • 1. How can Digital Transformation help your business?

Digital Transformation represents the use of digital technology in companies’ solutions, from customers to employees, in order to optimize processes, reduce costs and increase competitive advantages by integrating areas, obtaining business insights and behaviors. Many companies talk about Digital Transformation, but still do little in terms of investments, information and interactivity.

  • 2. Is it essential to use platforms to assist in Digital Transformation?

While addressing the topic and starting to invest in Digital Transformation, some companies do not realize that the best, and perhaps only way to make Digital Transformation effective is to have tools that assist in the information sharing process.

  • 3. How can a tool assist in this process?

Currently, there are platforms that assist in generating information and insights from data, systems and people for decision making. Many companies have internal tools, but they are static, without collaborative information, interaction and intelligence, for example, requiring more actions to be really useful.

  • 4. Which functionalities of specialized tools directly impact companies’ Digital Transformation?

Not every platform and / or system works in perfect harmony. All information generated from data and systems needs to be used with strategy and collaboration. That is, loose and apathetic information, such as e-mails, is not useful for business. It is necessary to access information and perform data analysis with agility, thinking about insights, assertiveness and effective actions.

  • 5. What kind of tool can help the application and evolution of Digital Transformation?

There are different platforms that can help your company reach the future. Domo, for example, allows you to unify all company data in one place in a simple way and with access to information in an intuitive way, saving time, optimizing processes and reducing barriers between departments.

Gleissieli Souza

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