GVT deploys Digital Dashboard Platform developed by AUNICA and multiplies digital results.

Although the GVT brand will soon cease to exist, due to the acquisition by Spanish Telefónica, in a transaction valued at R $ 22 billion, the company, considered technologically one of the most advanced in the country, will add a series of innovative resources to the business infrastructure. telecommunications operator.

One of them is the online dashboard platform, recently implemented by GVT, which integrates data from several online media channels, crosses them with the customer’s history and provides context for real-time decision making. Aware of the benefits that a unified view of online and offline business strategy could bring to business results, the company acquired the solution from MIS Real Time (Management Information System) , developed by Aunica.

According to Sérgio Coelho, Head of Digital Strategy at GVT / Vivendi, the implementation of the online dashboard made the decision-making process much more agile, since executives can access it from their cell phones, tablets and desktops. “The intuitive design of the information presentation allows GVT to identify distortions in the online purchase or acquisition process and correct them in a shorter period of time. In this way, we are able to minimize the negative impacts on the final result and act proactively to achieve the goals. goals set by GVT “, he says.

The platform provides a unified view of the purchase process, from media acquisition, treatment, cleaning and segmentation of the database to the conversion of users, associating data from several online media platforms, such as Google Adwords, Bing, Media Display and Facebook Ads. These platforms are integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud analytics, target and media optimizer tools, comprising eight marketing technology solutions to manage application and network experience, testing and targeting, advertising, video, audience management, as well as to promote social engagement and manage campaigns.

Through the integration of the APIs (application programming interfaces) of these tools, the data is extracted in real time and presented in a predictive way to the GVT marketing team. Projected and realized investment numbers, clicks, visits and orders are crossed with historical data, providing context for decision making. Additional information, such as CPC (cost per click) and CPL (cost per lead), is also available through screens at strategic locations in the operator’s headquarters.

According to Sérgio Coelho, ‘to centralize and qualify the leads generated to the contact center, without relying on human service, in November last year, a proprietary e-commerce system was developed, called Portal Subscribe GVT. During the trial period, until the end of last year, the portal was available for about 50 cities in the country. By March of this year, more than 150 municipalities could already use the channel. ‘

 For Juliano Pontes, Aunica’s Chief revenue officer (CRO), “the gains produced by the online dashboard and the Subscribe GVT Portal were able to satisfactorily meet the expectations of the company’s business areas, streamlining and optimizing the creation processes, segmented content deliveries and media investments. ”

According to Fábio Sambugaro, Adobe’s VP Enterprise in Brazil, “the capacity of Adobe’s tools, combined with the project developed by AUNICA, allowed GVT a clearer view of its digital environments, streamlined internal processes and, mainly, contributed to correct possible irregularities in an agile way. ”


– In 2015, the monthly number of visits to the Subscribe GVT Portal was multiplied approximately five times when compared to the same period in 2014.

– The quality of the lead has also improved, and the volume of leads has increased by more than 40 times compared to the same period in 2014.

– With significant indicators, the amount of orders placed by Portal Subscribe GVT exceeded all expectations, and growth was considered exponential in 2015, since its implementation.

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